8 secrets in Sheffield everyone should know about

Now, I’ve probably mislead you a little with the title… these aren’t the dishy and dirty back-stories and secrets of Sheffield, but they are the hidden gems that lie in Sheffield, and I thought you should know about them.

Whether you’re coming to visit Sheffield for a weekend, or a day, making it a residence permanently, or coming as student, these are the little quirks that made me consider Sheffield as home. Now, prepare yourself… I am an avid coffee drinker, I can’t get enough, so along with places to see, there are a lot of coffee shops and cafés that I thought needed a little love as well.

1. Peddlers Market, Kelham Island

Hosted at the beginning of every month at Kelham Island, the Peddlers Market is a great place to visit for any foodie. The Peddlers Market is an indoor/outdoor food market which is filled with the delights of pretty much every type of cuisine going, not to mention it has a bar with one of the largest ‘cider on tap’ offerings I have ever come into contact with. From Thai food, to Jamaican steaks, Greek food and Ice-cream; the Peddlers Market has something for everyone… Vegan – Veggie – GF – Dairy Free, it caters for pretty much every dietary requirement. Better yet, it hosts a Veg-Fest every 6 months, so vegans and veggies can go-to-town with street-style food (and the cider is vegan too)!

2. The Ship Inn Pub Quiz, Kelham Island

Hands down the best pub quiz I have come across in Sheffield. As a 22-year-old, I unfortunately do not have common knowledge on the most popular 1950’s television programme in South Yorkshire – now I can definitely hazard a guess, but I would be fibbing if I said that I didn’t care about winning, not even that, more like actually having a chance to win. So these questions cater for people of all ages, and are definitely accessible for any 80’s and 90’s babies out there! The rounds consist of Guess Who (picture round), General Knowledge, Sport and Song/Film, with a break taken mid-way to build a themed play dough object. The quiz is easy-going and the interior of the pub is very “vintage come hipster“.

3. The Winter Garden/Peace Gardens, City Centre

Hard to miss if you’re visiting Sheffield for the day. These gardens are situated in the centre of Sheffield and offer a peaceful indoor home to exotic plants. Come summer or winter, the gardens are always meticulously maintained and an amazing place for anyone to go and see. There are also independent shops on the far side of the gardens, including an amazing café, which honestly does one of the best baguette sandwiches I have ever tasted.

4. Tamper Coffee, Arundel St

The quirkiest artisan coffee shop I have ever seen, and trust me I’ve tried a few! Hanging plants from the ceiling, old science-lab style tables, and a cake selection that would make the Great British Bake Off proud! Tamper Coffee is on my list of nicest coffee shops to visit in Sheffield!

5. The Peak District

From country homes like the ever famous Chatsworth House and Longshaw Estate, to countryside views that which give you an insight into life from above like Stanage Edge, Mam Tor and Higger Tor, the Peak District should be a must on your Sheffield ticklist. Around a 20-minute drive, an hour bus journey or a very-very long bike ride, from the city centre, the peaks are something you can’t justify missing. Now, if you hate walking, don’t worry, there’s one incentive that will get you through… with a pub at pretty much every notable location in the Peak District, you’re guaranteed a pub lunch (and maybe a pint!) to congratulate your trekking efforts.

6. The Depot Bakery, Kelham Island

This is one of my FAVOURITE cafés in Sheffield. It’s situated in an old warehouse on Kelham Island. The quirky factory-style bakery sets itself apart through its busy-relaxed (polar opposites that somehow work?!) vibe, and amazing food! Whether you’re going for a coffee or a bite to eat, there is literally something for everyone – the sausage rolls are their “speciality” and sell out within 3 hours of the café opening!

7. Endcliffe Park & Bingham Park, Fulwood Rd

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon these two beautiful parks in Sheffield. A little taste of nature just off of Ecclesall road, these two parks give any city go-er a taste of what it is like to be in the middle of nowhere, in a city centre. Sounds amazing right? The parks are the setting to the Shepard’s Wheel, back in the day, when Sheffield was beginning its forge industry, the stream passing through acted as a source of energy for the steel industry. Now, the Shepard’s Wheel is out of action, but open at weekends for visitors, completely free of charge thanks to the volunteers that keep it open!

8. Five Rivers Coffee, Broomhill

This Vietnamese café has the most incredible filter coffee. The café offers traditional Vietnamese food and drinks, as well as decorating in accordance. Condensed milk is a centre piece of the café, as a vegan I don’t tend to indulge in condensed milk, but condensed coconut milk is a different story. The filter coffee-condensed coconut milk concoction is one of the nicest coffees I have ever experienced, ever.

These are my favourite places in Sheffield, so go ahead and take a look for yourself!


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