My relationship with Netflix

I think I need to address a common problem amongst many millennials, the addiction with streaming services… and not even just millennials, the phenomenon of online streaming is spreading.

Example 1: 

Dad: “I’m thinking about getting a Kindle Fire, so I can stream Prime Video”

Lauren: “But you have an Ipad? Do it on that.”

Dad: “Oh, how do I do that? I thought Apple wouldn’t have Prime Video”

  • Two devices for streaming?! What happened to when my parents only knew about Sky and they felt fancy for the 250+ channels they could access?

It’s pretty safe for me to say that I have formed a close bond with Netflix, it knows (not always accurately, but it tries) my likes, my dislikes, it suggests programmes and films for me to watch based on what i’ve already watched. It’s almost like my secret boyfriend, it’s there for me when i’m bored, tired, lonely, want to be cosy, and biggest of all, it puts up with all of my mood swings.

Example 2:

“Hmm, what do I fancy watching? I know – I’ll scroll on Netflix” *5 hours later and it’s bedtime, but don’t worry I think i’ve found something that looks good enough to watch tomorrow*

*Next day* “Hmm, I don’t fancy watching that, i’ll have another browse”


I know what you’re thinking “Oh dear… this has reached a serious level”. But realistically, I know it’s happening, and as frustrating as I find it, I love Netflix, not so much Netflix, but the content it brings to me.

Let’s talk about GG, oh no, not Gossip Girl (although that is totally up there with a very binge-worthy tv series), but Gilmore Girls.

I started re-watching Gilmore Girls around 3 weeks ago, it has 7 old-ish series’ comprising of around 24 hour long episodes, and one comeback series made to complete the story of the two main characters lives, Loralai and Rory, these ones, all an hour and a half long, with 4 episodes in the series. So, because I already know I love this programme, it seemed like an obvious choice for putting on in the background to perk up everyday mundane task completing. Now, if you’re a person that chooses music for that, I commend you, but when waiting on the phone to talk to people about gas, or filling in online forms, music messes with my brain…

Example 3: *George Ezra playing whilst drafting an email* 

Dear …

I’m writing to confirm my meter readings – my Gas is… my Electric is… please let me know if theres anything else you need, cold nights on a sunday mornin’ on your way, that’d be great.

Best wishes,


NOW, although that was a slight exaggeration, it has happened a lot where i’ve actually randomly inserted lyrics when i’ve been belting out “Paradise” – all I can say is thank goodness my degree actually taught me to proof read, or some poor soul at the other end of that email would feel very confused and even somewhat uncomfortable with George’s lyrics inserting themselves into an email about gas or electric.

Yes, I am that person that says “oh, i’ll look on Pinterest” goes onto Pinterest, and types in ‘Pinterest’. In fact, that happened yesterday.

So, my best bet is TV. Gilmore Girls. From the age of 12 it was just my mum and I living together, so this programme has a lot of sentimental value to me, but i’ve seen it… technically, in my head, I thought that I could switch off whilst it’s on and then look over and know what’s happening. Well, that definitely didn’t happen. My logic was there – but the execution was very different.

Example 4: “Oh Rory is starting Chilton, i’ll watch this one” “Oh Rory is dating Dean, I have to watch this” “Oh shit, it’s Jess” “Have Luke and Loralai started looking at each other in that way yet?” “Oh Rory got into Yale” “Oh Rory meets Logan” – and so on and so on.

3 weeks later, i’m on episode 20 of series 6. Thats an additional 144 hours of my life (don’t forget i’ve already seen this), which has been invested into Gilmore Girls. Now, I do not regret that, but I definitely feel guilty.

My underlying point, I guess, although it seems like a massive ramble, is to wonder why streaming services have so much power? I mean, based on my mass watching of Gilmore Girls, Netflix has already lined up a lot of content it thinks i’ll like. The new algorithm they have prioritises it’s own commissioned programmes, but I definitely did enjoy Stranger Things, so I guess they have some clever writers. I think at this point, I’d ought to consider how to, in Ross’ words “go on a break” with Netflix, but I’m just not sure the 14 seconds of choice given to me in between episodes gives me enough processing time.

… If you need me, I’ll probably be watching Netflix.


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