Peak(y) Boo…

Moving to Sheffield from York was definitely an adjustment. I love little cities; usually everything is contained within 4 (ish) historic walls, and oozes an antique ambience that people crave worldwide. Well, not Sheffield…

It’s big, it’s industrial, and it definitely owns its reputation as the “city of steel“. A very important city for England, and one that should definitely be remembered as great, however, it’s not the little, quaint, Victorian city that I am used to. BUT, and that is a big but for a reason, it has it’s very own stretch of land that attracts travellers and wonderers of it’s own…

The Peak District.

A National Park which is situated between Sheffield, Derbyshire, and Manchester; it would take over 5 days of non-stop walking to get from one side to the other.

It is beautiful.

I’m resisting the urge to call it a ‘hidden gem’ because a lot of people know about it, but I feel that it has a special place in a lot of peoples hearts.

From country estates like Chatsworth, to Sites of Special Scientific Interest like Stanage Edge, the Peak District has something for everyone. Every corner you turn provides you with an “oh sh*t” moment with natural highlands that stretch to as the far as the eye can see. The Peak District charms its visitors with natural landscapes and historical value, keeping you hooked and needing more. Eyam, Chatsworth, and The Longshaw Estate, are just some of the places which have preserved historical landmarks, but also provide you with striking views of rolling hills which will keep your eyes busy for hours.

Since moving to Sheffield, I have definitely formed a special bond with the Peak District and being outside, something that York didn’t provide me with. The views are  breathtaking and indescribably charming, they evoke a different emotion in every individual that is fortunate enough to come across them.

So I’ll leave on this note… in summer or winter, the Peak District remains as alluring as ever…


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