Falling in love with Italy

So, let me talk you through this…

My time in University was no doubt one of the biggest adventures I have ever been on; but the holiday that signified the “end” of my journey as an undergraduate was the one that inspired me the most. Florence, Italy.

Now, I don’t say this lightly, but Italy changed my life. It signified a lot of beginnings and ends for me, as well as introducing me to a new passion i’d never really experienced before. So here’s why Italy means so much to me…

  1. It IS the most romantic city in the world – It was the first holiday with my partner. After yearning to visit Italy my whole entire life, it seemed only fitting that I visited the most romantic city in the world with the person I love the most, my partner. Now, I really wasn’t expecting to fall in love with him anymore, I thought I was already at “capacity”; oh boy, let me tell you now that “capacity” doesn’t actually exist, your heart just gets bigger, and it definitely did. It was that feeling you read about or you see in films or really cute old couples tell you about. It happened, and it was true happiness.
  2. It has the BEST food (and wine) –  Oh boy, oh boy does Italy win on the scale of places to go for food. Pasta, pizza, gelato, chianti, caprese salad, cannolis, oh the glorious nature of Italian cuisine. Gluten free? Italy’s got ya. Vegetarian/Vegan? Italy’s got ya. Picky eater? Well, maybe Italy hasn’t got you yet, the country is filled with doughy-tomatoey-garlicy-pasta, and not much more… but thats totally fine for most and most definitely me!
  3. The HISTORY – The renaissance… artists, writers, philosophers, scientists and mathematicians. Now, it’s time to be honest, i’d be surprised if you’ve ever met someone as obsessed as me with Florentine history and their own renaissance. My obsession for the Medici family is definitely unfortunate for those around me and walking through Florence I was very keen to point out all of the period architecture, commissioned pieces of art and Medici family crests around the city. From Filippo Brunelleschi’s dome which saw the completion of the Duomo (designed by Arnolfo di Cambio), to Michelangelo’s David and the Ponte Vecchio, Florence is a constant reminder of the great art movement during the Renaissance. Every corner you turn tells a tale in Florence, which makes it even more seductive for tourists and Italians alike.

Although they’re my top 3, I have to provide a quick stop tour of everything else that falls under the category of “amazing” in Italy: Coffee; The People; The Late Night Buzz; The Early Morning Peace; Cobbled Footpaths; Italian Style and The Ceramics.

The only footnote i’d leave for budding Italian travellers is to watch out for the traffic, Italian driving is crazy – I personally wouldn’t even attempt to weave my way around Florence in a car or on a moped, but if you’re feeling like your skills equate to those of an F1 driver you’ll be absolutely fine.




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