The Journey Begins…

“Non preoccuparti, sii felice – Don’t worry, be happy”

Doesn’t the Italian language just sound so much more laid back? It’s indisputable that Bobby McFerrin’s amazing song resonates with many around the world, well, I have officially decided that it has become my own theme tune.

Living life as a graduate isn’t what it used to be, in fact, it’s completely the opposite (well, I think so anyway, according to my family it is… mainly my grandpa who is the most eclectic man anyone could ever meet). So, I’ll be sharing all aspects of my life, current events, job hunts, daily thoughts and even some reminiscing; reminiscing is something I love to do, so you’ll probably see a lot of posts about Italy, food and my life as a student. I guess at this point of my ramblings, it’s probably time to formally introduce myself, I’m Lauren, an English Language and Linguistics graduate. I’ve started a blog to share all of my (ad)ventures.

For now anyway, I hope your visit has been somewhat enjoyable, and if it hasn’t, at least you most likely have “don’t worry, be happy” stuck in your head.

So, “don’t worry, be happy”.


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